The KCI Teen ministry is a spiritually based ministry that focuses on building a strong foundation on the truth of the Bible and Jesus. We create this foundation by teaching teenagers how to be led by the Holy Spirit in every decision they make by teaching them basic Christian Apologetics.

In our teen ministry we go out of our way to make sure that your teenager makes friends while they are with us. We firmly believe that you cannot live this life with Jesus without friends! This teen ministry consists of an age group 12-18 and we have a support system that stays within the guidelines of the order of God. Women teachers support the girls, Men teachers support the boys. We can’t wait to meet you, the parents and your teenagers!

At KCI your teenager will make plenty of friends and have lots of fun in our Teen church!

This ministry is led by our Youth Pastor, Pastor Caleb Goode. He graduated from Model High School in 2016 and attended Point University where he majored in Child Youth & Development and has a minor in Biblical Studies. He also has a High School & College sports background in football. He has a passion for all teenagers to grow in their relationship with the Lord and make disciples that make disciples.